robert nouve            depressive pop

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GREATEST HITS (repress edition on 180g heavyweight audiophile Vinyl)

EUR 15.00 EUR 18.00

Repress edition of the original vinyl album.

Mastered seperately from the CD master to make the warm and analogue sound production to fit best the particular properties of vinyl - once again pressed on audiophile 180g heavyweight vinyl... if you are into vinyl, this should definitely be your choice!!

Written by Robert Nouve.

Produced & performed by Johannes Feige & Robert Nouve.

Featuring guest appearances by Hanne Schellmann, Ava Bonam, Maja von Kriegstein, Christiane Buchenau & Nicolai Ziel.

Mixed by John Agnello.

Mastered by Scott Hull.


A1. Great Expectations

A2. These Sisters

A3. Careful What You Wish For

A4. Zacchanasial

A5. Off The Brink

A6. Still Untrue

B1. What We All Want

B2. Annie Moore

B3. The Promise

B4. Swan Song

B5. The Thrill Inside

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